Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)

ATE promotes advocacy, equity, leadership, and professionalism for teacher educators in all settings and supports quality education for all learners at all levels.

Mission: ATE, as an individual membership organization, promotes quality teacher education through both exemplary clinical practice and research.

Goal:  ATE will act as an advocate for teachers and teacher educators to become active participants in education policymaking and in leading the profession.

Goal: ATE will develop and implement a strategic marketing and image-branding plan.

Goal:  ATE will use and review the conference structure regularly to strengthen active participation for all ATE membership categories.

Governance and Involvement/Support within ATE
Goal:  ATE will review the governance structure regularly to emphasize efficiency, direction, and involvement.

Goal:  ATE will systematically recruit and retain members among all stakeholder groups.