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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Topics and Issues: Manuscripts may address any topic or issue relevant to teacher education. Watch for announcements for specific themes for selected future editions of the journal.

Length: Manuscripts, including all references, charts, figures, and tables, generally should not exceed 30 pages.

Preparation: All submissions must be prepared using a computer word processing program, preferably Office 10. Manuscripts must adhere strictly to guidelines documented in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. Double-space all text, including quotations and references, and provide 1-inch margins on all margins.

Submission: Submit electronically to Misty LaCour, Ed.D. at

Files: Authors should submit three attached files per manuscript with your cover letter email stating that your manuscript has not been submitted to another publication:

  • file 1: title page with date of submission and contact information including author's name, institutional affiliation, complete mailing address, business and home phone numbers, fax number, and email address
  • file 2: manuscript starting with abstract (120 words) but without a title page and without charts, figures, graphs, or tables; your name or any other identifying information should not appear in the abstract or the manuscript
  • file 3: all charts, figures, graphs, and tables

Label all files with the primary author's last name and the date of submission, i.e.,LastName 7-15-17 title page, LastName 7-15-17 manuscript, LastName 7-15-17 figures.
Your files will be copied and relabeled with a code.

Decisions: Authors will be notified of the receipt of the manuscript. Notification of the status of the manuscript will occur after the deadline date.

Due Dates:

  • October 15 for Fall publication
  • March 15 for Spring publication

Thank you!

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